Zeiss Opens New Test Laboratory for Industrial Metrology

Zeiss recently organized two days of events in Neuburg an der Donau to mark the opening of its new test laboratory for industrial metrology. The official inauguration with invited guests was held on Friday, 20 March, and the new facility opened its doors to the general public one day later during its Open House.
“We’re delighted to open this new test laboratory here in Neuburg. Audi Sport is our biggest local customer, but we also provide services to other automotive suppliers and companies from other industries,” says Attila Szentes from the Zeiss Industrial Metrology business group. The proximity of the Audi Group, which is headquartered in Ingolstadt, was one of the key factors that made Neuburg the best choice of location. The new test laboratory – which includes two series of coordinate measuring machines in a facility measuring some 400 square meters – will provide metrology solutions tailored to customers’ needs, particularly in the automotive industry.
The fifty guests invited to the opening ceremony therefore included a delegation from Audi as well as metrology experts and re­presentatives of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA and the City of Neuburg. Specialist presentations on measuring technology in the automotive industry were the highlight of the first day of events. (Source: Zeiss)
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