VIRTUAL ONLY: Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg 2020

Impression from Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg 2018 at the premises of Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie (Source: Optik BB / Berlin Partner)

In this special Covid-19 year, the Online Photonik Tage Berlin Brandenburg 2020 are being offered online and free of charge. The program includes online seminars in English with a total of about a hundred Berlin Brandenburg, German and international speakers on the following topics: fiber optics, THz analytics, soft X-ray analytics, optics for solar energy, photonic integrated circuits, agriphotonics, quantum technologies, ophthalmology, high-power MIR laser technology, andmanufacturability of high precision optical and lidar systems.

To enable networking in the virtual world, the organizers have chosen to use the B2Match platform for match-making and individual exchange.

In the program of the Online Photonik Tage Berlin Brandenburg 2020 the possibility to offer virtual visits of companies and research institutes is provided. Submit your own short (1 – 5 min.) film sequences of your facilities, the organizers make them available to national and international guests.

More details and an adjusted time schedule can be found on the Event-Website. The Photonics Days will be held in English. Your participation is free of charge but a registration is necessary to get full access of all services. (Source: Optik BB)

Links: Photonic Days Berlin Brandenburg 2018, Cluster Optik und Photonik, Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH, Berlin, Germany

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