Upcoming EPIC Online Events

EPIC has announced its program of online meetings for the first quarter of 2021 with new exciting topics, including 5G, Freeform Optics, Oil & Gas, Green Energy Generation, CMOS Imagers Applications, Medical Devices, Robotics and many more.

Upcoming Events (Source: EPIC)

To leverage the full potential of online, and to continue supporting the community in developing relationships and making new contacts, EPIC is organizing the Photonics+ Virtual Exhibition and Conference featuring more than 300 exhibitors and 10.000 visitors, join the community and mark your calendar for 17 – 18 February 2021!

The year begins with the EPIC Online Technology Meetings Exploring Emerging Applications for Photonic Integrated Circuits, and Growing Needs for Ultrafast, High Power Laser Applications on 11 and 13 January, respectively, and an EPIC Members New Product Release on 12 January, 2021.

See the links below for a current upcoming online event schedule. (Source: EPIC)

Links: PHOTONICS+ virtual exhibition and conference, Fleet Events GmbH, Hamburg, Germany / EPICEPIC Events, European Photonics Industry Consortium, Paris, France




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