ULT Celebrates 25th Anniversary

ULT headquarters in Löbau, Germany (Source: ULT)

What started on 25 January 1994 has developed into a true success story. On that date, Dr. Christian Jakschik founded the company ULT Umwelt-Lufttechnik, which has successfully established its place into the market, and moreover, developed into a world-class vendor of air treatment technologies with more than 130 employees.

In the early founding days the company existed only formally – the first fume extraction systems were “designed in our flat and assembled in the garage”, tells Dr. Jakschik with a smile. He has led ULT through good times and hard times, always keeping his eyes towards to the vision to raise a small German start-up to an internationally successful enterprise. The current company status as globally recognized provider of fume extraction and process air drying solutions proves that persistence and courage may lead to success.

In 2004, ULT changed into a stock company. During that time, the team of employees developed and produced air treatment systems already at the current headquarters in Löbau, Germany.  The headquarters has continued to grow: In 2018, additional production and office areas were taken into operation into what was now the sixth expansion step for the company.

Christian Jakschik passed the baton of company management to his sons Stefan and Alexander in 2015, who forged their own goals and highlights.

ULT’s continuing success is based on several fundamentals: Turn-key and customized fume extraction solutions, systems for process air drying and conditioning, as well as accessories, such as extraction arms and individual capturing solutions.

Winner of the 2016 Saxony Business Award (f. l.) Dr. Christian Jakschik, Dr. Stefan Jakschik, and Alexander Jakschik (Source: ULT)

Additionally, research and development are of special meaning within the company, demonstrated by close cooperation with universities, technical colleges, and scientific institutes.

ULT’s air treatment systems are utilized in various industries, including machinery, electronics, food and beverage, pharmacy, or medical technology, and also in laboratories and handicraft, covering a wide range of applications. The company’s products contribute to occupational health and service as well as a clean or dry production environment.

“Our product range is that wide as to serve a variety of production methods in numerous industries and applications“, explains Dr. Stefan Jakschik, CEO of ULT. The company’s strategy focusses on expanding markets, such as laser material processing, process engineering, or additive manufacturing.

Today, ULT runs a global sales and service network. Last year, the company opened a subsidiary in the US. “The founding of Wisconsin-based ULT LLC has been a strategically important step for future success in one of the largest markets worldwide”, says Alexander Jakschik, CSO and CTO of ULT.

“Extraction. Filtration. Persistence.” is ULT’s corporate slogan. It emphasizes not only the philosophy to differentiate from system sellers, but also as a provider of 360° services from plant planning via commissioning to maintenance. “We see ourselves as partners of our customers”, say Dr. Stefan and Alexander Jakschik with one voice. This attitude underlines the company’s impressive success. Currently, several thousand systems are shipped each year – which is a rising trend.

ULT and its product solutions have received several awards in the last few years, for example, the management board and company founder have been honored as “Saxony’s Company of the Year 2016”.

Despite its international presence, ULT is globally positioned but regionally rooted. The company has become one of the most important employers in the region of Southern East-Saxony in Germany, supporting cultural and sports projects for quite some time now. Additionally, both Jakschik brothers work actively in national economic alliances and research associations. (Source: ULT)

Link: ULT AG Umwelt-Lufttechnik, Löbau, Germany

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