Trumpf Wins Hermes Award 2020

Omlox team representatives remotely unboxing their Hermes Award 2020 (Source: Deutsche Messe)

The machine tool manufacturer Trumpf has won this year’s Hermes Award ‒ one of the most coveted prizes in international industry ‒ for its open location standard product Omlox. The award ceremony took place on 14 July at the Hannover Messe Digital Days.

A jury under chair Prof. Dr. Reimund Neugebauer, president of the Fraunhofer Society, honored the product “Omlox – open location standard” as a global and location-technology independent solution. More than sixty industrial companies participated in the Omlox project, which provides the first open standard for location services. Omlox unites all location services available on the market ‒ including UWB, WLAN, BLE, GPS, and 5G ‒ and transfers these into a uniform coordinate reference system, making them available for internal use on edge platforms or for global use in a cloud. Omlox supports for the first time the use of all location technologies, bundling position data to enable targeted optimization of process flows. Omlox is an interoperable ecosystem that harmonizes heterogeneous technical infrastructures, making IIoT and Industrie 4.0 affordable for SMEs.

Professor Reimund Neugebauer, president of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and chair of the Hermes Award, said, „Every year, the Hermes Award recognizes an exceptional, innovative product. This year, we also found a worthy award winner among the numerous applications: Trumpf points the way to a versatile, standardized, and flexible production environment. Jointly developed by sixty industrial companies, it is the first open and interoperable standard for location services. The integrative solution makes it easier to use hardware and software from various manufacturers, right up to plug-and-play, a step that companies consistently rate as very helpful.”

Hannover Messe annually presents the international technology prize Hermes Award as part of the fair. The competition, which is open to all companies and institutions that exhibit at Hannover Messe, recognizes products and solutions that demonstrate a particularly high level of technological innovation. In 2020, the prize was awarded digitally for the first time due to the corona-prompted cancellation of Hannover Messe. In 2021, Hannover Messe will again honor the Hermes Award winner at its opening ceremony. (Source: Deutsche Messe)

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