TKH Group Acquires 100 % of the Shares in SVS-Vistek

TKH uses its knowledge of the automation of production processes for controlling and monitoring industrial processes. (Source: TKH)

SVS-Vistek primarily serves the industrial markets, offering machine vision solutions for inspection, measurement, and process control and fulfills demanding requirements of a variety of end markets, including flat panel display, semiconductor, electronics, automotive, and intelligent traffic systems.

Alexander van der Lof, CEO of TKH: “SVS-Vistek offers an interesting portfolio of high-end vision technologies that perfectly fit TKH’s technologies in the field of vision & security. The combination will generate synergies and accelerate growth, especially in our vertical growth market machine vision. Our joint technical expertise and know-how will support TKH’s strategy on focusing towards technological leadership.”

Walter Denk, CEO of SVS-Vistek: “The acquisition by TKH is an excellent move for SVS-Vistek to continue our expansion strategy, based on high-end product innovation for attractive niches and extension of the market coverage. We see a perfect match with TKH to combine our strengths to accelerate growth together with complementary technologies and the leverage of the international geographical footprint of TKH.”

With sixty employees, SVS-Vistek realizes an annual turnover of about twenty million euros. The activities of SVS-Vistek will be part of TKH’s subsegment vision & security systems, within the business segment building solutions.

The acquisition of SVS-Vistek is expected to be closed in the third quarter of 2019. The acquisition will contribute to the earnings per share of TKH as of the closing date. (Source: TKH)

Links: TKH Group NV, Haaksberge, The NetherlandsSVS-Vistek GmbH, Seefeld, Germany

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