The Most Advanced Spectral ALS Sensor

The AS7350 spectral ALS sensor provides precise light-source identification and enables accurate white-point balancing in all lighting conditions. (Source: AMS)

At the CES Las Vegas, AMS launched its AS7350, described as the market’s most advanced spectral ambient light sensor (ALS) for high-end mobile phone cameras. The new sensor enables the highest quality images even in situations with extreme color contrast, or under non-ideal/mixed light source conditions, enabling professional grade photography using a consumer device. For the first time, the AS7350 achieves this by enabling light source identification via spectral reconstruction to achieve unprecedented automatic white-point balancing accuracy under any light conditions.

Driven by consumers’ desires for more advanced camera capabilities, mobile phone vendors continuously focus on differentiating by improving picture quality. Whether sharing videos on social media or capturing that perfect scenic shot, photography enabled from premium camera functionality is today’s killer application in smartphones and a major point of market differentiation for mobile phone manufacturers. Driven by consumer demand for more advanced camera capabilities, mobile phone vendors continuously focus on differentiating their devices by improving picture quality. The premium AS7350 spectral ALS sensor promises OEMs to have a competitive advantage.

By accurately identifying ambient light conditions, the AS7350 enables unparalleled image quality even in high color contrast scenes, and helps vendors continue on the path to delivering professional-grade camera quality in mobile devices.

Reiner Jumpertz, vice president and general manager of the color & spectral sensors business line at AMS, says, “For many consumers, camera performance is the decisive factor in choosing a premium mobile phone: they research the models deeply, guided by professional tests and user reviews. In what we believe is a turning point for professional picture quality using consumer devices, smartphone vendors can now use the AS7350 spectral ALS to detect and identify ambient light sources to obtain extremely accurate white balance information – above and beyond normal RGB sensors – thereby delivering world-class picture quality to their customers.“

Understanding the perfect photographic scene via light source identification

Professional photographers understand the effects of different illumination sources on the quality of photographs and its color rendering. White-point balancing, compensating the image’s treatment of color for the distorting effects of ambient light is one of the core functions of advanced photography. Providing advanced white-point balancing capabilities to consumer devices enables capabilities previously reserved for the professional camera market.

The AS7350 identifies any type of light source, including daylight, incandescent, fluorescent, all types of LEDs, and any combination thereof. The market’s most advanced spectral ambient light sensor features eleven channels: eight equally spaced in the visible, one flicker, one NIR, and one clear channel, all in a tiny 3.1 × 2.0 × 1.0 mm LGA package. The flicker channel detects artificial light sources with flicker frequencies from 50 Hz to 3 kHz and beyond, depending on implementation.

AMS supports users of the AS7350 with a full enablement suite. The AS7350 will be available for sampling in first quarter of 2020. (Source: AMS)

Links: Chip-scale spectral sensing systems, ams AG, Premstaetten, Austria

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