TEKA: A Quarter Century of Clean Air

On 1st April 1995, Erwin Telöken and Jürgen Kemper applied to register the company TK, now known as Teka Absaug- und Entsorgungstechnologie, and thereby laid the foundations for an enterprise which now markets suction and filter equipment throughout the world. It all started with a small black box which held a lot of potential. Working initially as a two-man business, they developed and built their first suction unit for dental and laboratory technology.

Teka’s managing director Erwin Telöken (r.) and his son Simon take a positive view of the company’s development.(Source: Teka)

Just one year after the company was founded, they moved to Velen which, ever since, has been the headquarters of this family-owned business, which has deep roots in the region. The company quickly established a presence throughout Germany and also started to appear on the international stage. Nowadays, with a workforce of some 150 employees worldwide, the suction equipment manufacturer boasts a broad portfolio, from mobile and stationary units, through indoor air solutions for hall filtration and on to complex system solutions for sectors such as the automotive, metalworking and electronics industries. At both the national and international levels, Teka possesses a close-knit network of dealers and sales branches in Europe, the USA, North America and Asia.

In its sector of activity, Teka is considered to be a “problem solver” that works hard to address the needs of its trade partners and end customers. “From the very beginning, we have taken pride in offering highly practical solutions that respond perfectly to the business circumstances of each individual company, that are simple in operation and that even smaller companies are available to afford,” is how Managing Director Erwin Telöken describes some of the company’s principles. Personal consulting services are also of great importance in the digital age. In this context, an important role is played by the in-house Communication Centre, which is equipped with training rooms and a 1,000 m² exhibition space and which holds more than 100 further and advanced training events for customers every year.

For its entire history, the company’s new developments have set trends in the field of ventilation technology which have been adopted by the sector and have established themselves as standards on the market. One example: the Filtercube, one of Teka’s most highly demanded filter units and one which is considered in industry circles to be an all-rounder for the filtration of fumes and dust, and which is now even more powerful and energy-efficient than before following a comprehensive relaunch. The company has always placed great value on meeting legal requirements which protect welders and grinders against harmful emissions at the workplace. Thus, the company recently launched a compact, high-performance solution for torch fume extraction in the form of its Vac series, which has received a lot of positive feedback from users. What is more, indoor air solutions such as the Airtech units help ensure cleaner air in factory halls and improved health protection for all production employees.

The air purification sector has changed: “Modern air purification includes not only the extraction and filtration of polluted process air but also the continuous monitoring of the air quality.” In this, Teka has recognized a sign of the times: With its innovation strategy, the company is a successful pioneer in the field of Industry 4.0, as it has proved with its Airtracker indoor air monitoring system for digital indoor air monitoring and the SmartFit boxes for networking equipment. Through its active participation in associations such as the “Industry Business Network 4.0” (IBN 4.0), Teka is committed to the development of system standards.

The demand for extraction technology “made in Münsterland” continues unabated – and is demanding a strategic reorientation, which is also being actively driven forward by Simon Telöken, who has been a second-generation member of the company’s management for a number of years. Consequently, in this, the year of its anniversary, the consolidation of all the areas of the company at a site with 12,000 m² of production, office and warehousing space in Coesfeld is the next major step in the company’s history. (Source: Teka)

Link: TEKA Absaug- und Entsorgungstechnologie GmbH, Velen, Germany

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