Metasurface Converts Colors of Light

Structures of phased array antennas are able to circumvent the phase-matching requirement

Silicon Photonic Chip Detects Gas Leaks

Low-cost, robust spectrometer on a chip could operate for years with almost no maintenance

A Zero-Index Waveguide

Silicon waveguides support phase-free propagation in the telecom regime

Light Source With Liquid Core

Scientists generate supercontinuum light source using liquid core optical fibers

Physicists Design Ultrafocused Pulses

A new simple scheme to theoretically generate arbitrarily short and focused electromagnetic fields

Waveguides for Better Optical Chips

Most efficient way to control light in waveguides with optical nano-antenna

Sculpting Photonic Microstructures

New geometrical framework explains how previous precipitation patterns grew

Fast Optical Switch for Low Temperatures

Device could enable data transmission for next-generation superconducting computers

Measuring the Twisting Force of Light

New device for miniaturized gyroscopes and sensors to measure magnetic fields

Lightvalve for Controlling Microfluids

New optofluidic platform features tunable optics for better sensors