When Skyscrapers Catch the Light

Transparent solar panels on windows could take a bite out of a building’s electricity needs

A 3D Camera for Advanced Biomedical Imaging

Stacked, transparent graphene photodetectors are combined with image processing algorithms

Photonic Cooling with an LED

Demonstration of active nanophotonic cooling for solid-state refrigeration and on-chip device cooling

Hyperbolic Metamaterials Enable Nanoscale Fingerprinting

A new concept for optical sub-wavelength discrimination of nanostructures positioned on a hyperbolic metamaterial surface

Synchrotron Radiation in a Crystal

A new device accommodates speed along circular paths producing terahertz radiation

New Alloy for Next Generation Solar Cells

New material could make semiconductors for concentrator photovoltaics 30 percent cheaper

Seeing Through Skin with Visible Light

Visible light would be safer for imaging than higher-energy x-rays

Laser-based Cancer Imaging

Laser-based imaging tool could increase accuracy and safety of brain tumor surgery.