Adaptive Optics with Cascading Elements

A cascaded dual deformable phase plate wavefront modulator doubles the aberration correction range

Capturing up to 500 Billion 3D Points per Second

Optical coordinate measuring system for integration into the production line

Imaging Electrons in Rapid Motion

Observing quantum interferences in real-time using a new extreme ultra-violet light spectroscopy technique

Shaping Waveforms

For the first time, researchers succeeded in temporally shaping the electric field of an attosecond pulse

Improving Optical Traps for Ions

Lifetime of ions in a visible optical dipole trap is increased by two orders of magnitude

Green Photonics Junior Award 2017 for Innovative Theses

Green Photonics innovation cluster launched by Fraunhofer Gesellschaft presents annual award

Light Pulses Modify Complex Trajectories

New method to characterize the complex evolution of weak electric fields