Terahertz Spectroscopy Goes Nano

New technique enables measurements down to a resolution of 20 nanometers

Bridging the Terahertz Gap

Optical frequency comb offers a convenient way to generate elusive terahertz frequencies

Metasurface Coating Shrinks Waveguides

New pathways for future miniaturization of dielectric waveguide-based systems

First Data Transmission With Terahertz Multiplexer

Terahertz waves could provide a much larger capacity to carry data than microwaves

Metasurface Controls Laser Polarization

Without waveplates the laser’s polarization state can be tuned purely electronically

On-Chip Terahertz Source

Scalable architecture in silicon allows synthesis of periodic mm-wave signals

Optical Metamaterial without Metal

Prototype consists of hundreds of boron-doped silicon cylinders

More Power for Terahertz Lasers

Doubling the continuous output power opens up applications in spectroscopy and imaging

Microlasers for Terahertz Radiation

Technique for phase locking arrays of tiny lasers could lead to terahertz scanners

All-Optical Control of Electron Pulses

Exploiting the properties of THz radiation with attosecond physics