The Indestructible Light Beam

Special light waves can penetrate even opaque materials as if the material was not even there

Lasing Mechanism in Water Droplets

Detailed view on the mechanism of droplet lasers when interacting with a droplet–solid interface

Innovative Spectrometer System for Turbid Media

New and unique “SphereSpectro 150H” spectrometer system for simultaneously determining the spectral absorption and scattering coefficients for scattering samples.

Branched Flow of Light

Branched flow opens the door to many new ideas in optics and optofluidics

Recovering Color Images from Scattered Light

The optical memory effect enables high-fidelity, diffraction-limited imaging through scattering media

Laser Beam Sneaks Through Opaque Media

A pre-treated laser beam enters opaque surfaces without dispersing

Weighing Molecules With Light

A new light-based measuring technique could transform the ability to characterise biomolecules

X-Ray Imaging With Higher Resolution

Incoherent diffractive imaging to image individual atoms in nanocrystals or molecules

Chiral Cooling in an Optomechanical System

New kind of Interaction of light with sound in solid state micro-resonators

Bright Laser Sparks New Behavior in Light

One electron scatters nearly 1,000 photons at a time