Free Space Narrow Linewidth Laser Diodes

Free Space Narrow Linewidth Laser Diodes from the “FRLD-VBG” series that are designed to meet Raman spectroscopy requirements.

Raman Library Matching – Wasatch Photonics Integrates KnowItAll

Spectral identification capabilities through partnership with Wiley

Nanoscale View on Water Splitting

Reactivity mapping with a combination of Raman spectroscopy with scanning tunneling microscopy

Combining Raman and Infrared Spectroscopy

New technology will reveal the structures of molecules with increased detail and specificity

Scan Makes Eye Diseases Visible at an Early Stage

Raman / OCT device delivers diagnosis in a few minutes

Glucose Measurement without Prick

RSP Systems adds €3.85M in second closing of its Series B funding round – including 2.85M by Trumpf Venture

Raman Spectroscopy: Research on the Tip

Leibniz Researchers receive awards at International Conference on Raman spectroscopy

Light Changes Shape of Perovskites

Robust and stable photostriction of perovskite for next-generation optoelectronic devices

Cobalt Light Now Shines for Agilent

Agilent Technologies acquires Oxfordshire, UK, Raman spectroscopy innovator

Using Light Force to Study Single Molecules

Scientists at EPFL show how a light-induced force can amplify the sensitivity and resolution of a SERS.