Breast Screening to End Unnecessary Biopsies

New mammographic imaging system determines benign or malignant breast lesions

Laser-Engraved Metal to Reduce Environmental Impact

Anti-fouling, hydrophobic metal or plastic surfaces could soon replace toxic varnishes

1.6 Tb/s Low-Emission Photonic Internet

TERIPHIC consortium is developing new optical transceiver modules for data centers

Positive Outlook with 5-Fold Leverage of Investment

Report: successful European Photonics PPP projects funded under Horizon 2020 by the EU

Mass Market Applications for Li-Fi

New EU consortium ELIoT to propel Internet traveling over light

EU Photonics Industry To Invest €100 billion In R&I

The EU photonics industry commits to invest in the Horizon Europe research initiative

Powerful New Laser to Boost Car Manufacturing

Ability to cut and shape ultra-high-strength boron steel up to one thousand times faster

Summit to Show Top Megatrends Depend on Photonics

27 – 28 March 2019, Brussels, Belgium

Digital Tiles Turn Walls into Cinema Screens

Digital, ceramic tiles can change colour, pattern, or play videos with a connected smartphone or tablet

Photonics to Help Dairy Industry with New 5-Minute Scan

New optical sensor to detect the presence of contaminants in milk