Medical Tools Developed Quicker

Dedicated medical pilot production line gives easy access to prototyping

Breast Screening to End Unnecessary Biopsies

New mammographic imaging system determines benign or malignant breast lesions

Laser-Engraved Metal to Reduce Environmental Impact

Anti-fouling, hydrophobic metal or plastic surfaces could soon replace toxic varnishes

1.6 Tb/s Low-Emission Photonic Internet

TERIPHIC consortium is developing new optical transceiver modules for data centers

Positive Outlook with 5-Fold Leverage of Investment

Report: successful European Photonics PPP projects funded under Horizon 2020 by the EU

Mass Market Applications for Li-Fi

New EU consortium ELIoT to propel Internet traveling over light

EU Photonics Industry To Invest €100 billion In R&I

The EU photonics industry commits to invest in the Horizon Europe research initiative

Powerful New Laser to Boost Car Manufacturing

Ability to cut and shape ultra-high-strength boron steel up to one thousand times faster

Summit to Show Top Megatrends Depend on Photonics

27 – 28 March 2019, Brussels, Belgium

Digital Tiles Turn Walls into Cinema Screens

Digital, ceramic tiles can change colour, pattern, or play videos with a connected smartphone or tablet