Scan Makes Eye Diseases Visible at an Early Stage

Raman / OCT device delivers diagnosis in a few minutes

Miniaturizing Medical Imaging, Sensing Technology

High quality medical images produced using a microchip

Eye Imaging with Increased Resolution

Optical coherence refraction tomography (OCRT) extends the superior axial resolution to the lateral dimension

Blowing Tiny Optical Lenses

Wafer-level process would allow easy integration into biomedical imaging instruments

Fast Laser Helps Doctors Image Full Eye in 3D

Early and better diagnosis and follow-up treatments help to prevent eye diseases from turning into blindness

German-Japanese Research Alliance on OCT in Medical Imaging

Conference to kick off establishment of research alliance and joint facility in Tokyo

Detecting Cancer in Less Than 30 Seconds

World’s first cancer scanner tracks down malignant melanoma with IR laser beam

PIX4life: Miniaturized Lasers for Life Sciences

Toptica part of consortium for project in the EU’s “Photonics21” program

Leica Microsystems Awarded as Technology Leader

Frost & Sullivan recognizes subsidiary Bioptigen for their product innovation in OCT

EnFocus Receives FDA Approval for Ophthalmology

EnFocus allows visualization of ocular tissue microstructure during ophthalmic surgery in high-resolution