Detecting Phase and Polarization Singularities

New device is very promising for achieving a highly compact photonic integrated circuit

Vortex Beams Meet Scattering Media

A comprehensive analysis offers insights into the behavior of light carrying orbital angular momentum

First Tunable, Chip-Based Vortex Microlaser

Encoding information in twisting beams of light could break bandwidth bottleneck in optical communications

World’s First Super-Chiral Light

Laser opens up a new world of applications using optical control of physical objects.

New State of Light

Light can rotate around a transverse axis perpendicular to the direction light travels

A Helical Soft-X-ray Beam

The intensity distribution of light rotates around its axis upon propagation

Multiplication of the Orbital Angular Momentum

New method combines circular-sector transformations into a single optical element

Self-Torque – A New Property of Light

Generation of optical vortices in the EUV by adjusting the temporal separation of two infrared vortex beams

A Microlaser Emitting Helical Light

A microlaser based on a novel design allows emitting light in chiral modes, thus producing corkscrews of light

Twisted Light Carries More Data

New technology could allow 100-times faster internet