Nanotubes Control Laser Pulses

Nonlinear optical response of carbon nanotubes can be controlled by electrochemical gating

All-Optical Neural Network for Deep Learning

In the network linear operations are programmed by spatial light modulators and Fourier lenses

Hot Spots Increase Efficiency of Solar Desalination

Nanophotonics-enabled solar membrane distillation is able to convert more sunlight energy into heat

Antilaser for an Ultracold Atoms Condensate

Results can be used to create atomic lasers and to study nonlinear optical systems

Squeezing Light Into Tiny Channels

New method allows photons to interact more strongly over a short distance

Color Changing with Polar Oxide Materials

Irradiation with a terahertz laser pulse can significantly enhance the second harmonic generation

Higher Gain for Photonic Devices

New light amplifier could strengthen integrity of transmitted data