Laser Measures Biomass in World’s Largest Trees

Volume and biomass of giant Californian redwood trees measured for the first time

Semicon Techniques Employed for New NASA Detector

AstroPix: creating devices the same way electronics companies produce cell phones, laptops

Green Photons Track Melting Ice

Most advanced Earth-observing laser instrument NASA has ever flown in space

An Ultraviolet Spectrograph to Fly to Jupiter

Scientists will use UVS to study the structure, composition of the atmospheres of Jupiter and its moons

An Ultra-Compact PV-Microcell

A new low-mass microcell for concentrating photovoltaic for space applications

A More Capable, Miniaturized Spectrometer

Applying telecommunications industry technology to develop a super-small instrument

New Near-Infrared Detectors Accelerate Euclid Mission

Redesigned focal plane array helps to investigate dark energy and matter

Eyes for the Red Planet

First images taken by NASA’s Mars 2020 mission will be taken through Jenoptik lenses

Terahertz Laser for Sensing and Imaging

High-power, tunable design could be used for chemical detection in outer space and medical imaging

NIR Laser Systems for ISS to Monitor Forest Dynamics

Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation mission passes final tests