Laser Supports Minimally Invasive Surgery

A laser-steering microrobot operates with high speed and precision and can be integrated with existing endoscopic tools

7D Surgical Expanding into European Market

50th unit sale – technology speeds past multiple milestones to close out the year

Next-Generation Microscope to Study Cellular Origin of Diseases

Crimson project targets breakthrough in microscopy and endoscopy

Spectral Sensing for Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Testing

AMS technology chosen by optical metrology specialist Eldim

Early Detection of Skin Cancer

Otto von Guericke Prize 2020 for a novel, hyperspectral early detection method

A Flash of Light to Identify Tumors

Results of the VIBRA project of Politecnico di Milano

Novel Membrane Laser Module for Spectral Measurement Methods

Fraunhofer IAF has partnered with the start-up ‘21s’ to bring their unique laser concept to practice

Rockley Photonics Targets Healthcare Market

New CCO’s extensive experience to help position for growth in multibillion-dollar market

Winners of the ‘2020 Slit Lamp Imaging Competition’

First three places given to ophthalmic or medical photographer at UK and Swiss hospitals

Safely Killing SARS-CoV-2: 222 vs 254 nm UV-C

Evidence that 222 nm ultraviolet – which is safer to use around humans – effectively destroys Coronavirus