A Space-Time Sensor for Light-Matter Interactions

Attosecond pulses allow to observe the motions of electrons in atoms

How to Control Luminescence of C-Dots

Optical and photocatalytic properties of carbon dots can be tuned by nitrogen atoms introduced into their structure

Perovskites for a New Class of LED

Significantly blue-shifted photoluminescence emission by reducing the pore size

Lighting Up Ultrathin 2D-Films

Valley polarization can be used like quantum mechanical spin to encode information.

Fast, Faster, Zeptosecond

German physicists investigate the photoionization process with zeptosecond precision

A Live Image During Tumor Irradiation

New ultrasound technology to make proton radiation in cancerous tissue visible

Attosecond Camera for Nanostructures

New nanoscale light-matter phenomenon which lasts for only attoseconds

A Switch for Light-Wave Electronics

Optimized interaction of light with glass to improve the prospects for optically driven electronics

All-Optical Control of Electron Pulses

Exploiting the properties of THz radiation with attosecond physics

Core Facility Becomes Leica Reference Center

Leica Microsystems and the Biomedical Center in Munich open the Core Facility Bioimaging for applied cell research