Ultrabright Dots See Beyond Skin Deep

New polymer dots can produce low-noise images with single-molecule sensitivity

New Kind of Photonic Crystal Fibers

Advanced laser-printing techniques prove ideal for creating tiny optical communication devices with complex internal structures

New LED Emits Warm and Cool White Light

Sophisticated design for LEDs include both blue-light emitting quantum wells and red quantum wells

A Laser-Based Sensor for Benzene

Sensor exhibits high selectivity and sensitivity to benzene with detection limit of 2 ppb

Microscope Lens Inspired by Lighthouse

Thin and cost-effective lens is 3D printed and has the capacity to put live cells under the microscope

Red LEDs for Next-Generation Displays

Novel red LEDs are more temperature stable than those made using the conventional semiconductor of choice

Pure Red LEDs Fulfill a Primary Goal

First high-intensity, low-voltage red LEDs made from nitride semiconductors

The Power of Light for Internet of Underwater Things

Simultaneously transfer energy and data to submerged devices

Designer Lens Helps See the Big Picture

A new method allows snapshot acquisition of high-resolution amplitude bright-field

Flat Lens With a Twist

Stacked bifocal metalenses with controllable focal length and intensity ratio