Being Faster in the Fight against Infectious Diseases

Jena research institutions sign cooperation agreement for new Leibniz Center

Gentle Diagnosis of Esophageal Diseases

Leibniz IPHT scientists develop a catheter that facilitates the examination for patients and provides more information for physicians

High-Definition Microscopy in Milliseconds

University researchers improve super-resolution structured illumination microscopy

Scan Makes Eye Diseases Visible at an Early Stage

Raman / OCT device delivers diagnosis in a few minutes

Laser Light Detects Tumors

New method of multimodal nonlinear microscopy of head and neck carcinoma

For New Possibilities in Diagnostics and Telecommunications

Leibniz IPHT manages European research project for new fiber lasers

Raman Spectroscopy: Research on the Tip

Leibniz Researchers receive awards at International Conference on Raman spectroscopy

Success with Speed and Precision

EHLA research team wins renowned Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis 2018

Fiber Laser with Liquid Core

Better control of soliton dynamics and supercontinuum generation in carbon disulfide/silica fibers

First Flexible Optical Tweezer

New approach of optical traps for medical diagnostics