Tuning Lasers Towards IR

Large wavelength tunability can be achieved with a hollow-core fiber filled with nitrogen

The World’s Fastest UV Camera

Compressed ultrafast photography provides an imaging speed of 0.5 trillion frames per second

Terahertz Radiation to Monitor Heat

A novel method for the quantification of the photothermal effect exhibited by nanoparticles in aqueous dispersions

Controlling Light with AI

New photonic chip to prepare and manipulate patterns of femtosecond optical pulses

World-Fastest Camera

Prototype is capable of capturing ten trillion frames per second

New Concept for Spectral Cloaking

Alternative approach to invisibility cloaking could be used to secure data transmissions

Multi-Colored Photons for Quantum Computing

New powerful system that takes advantage of the frequency domain properties of photons

Pulsed Laser with Record-low Spectral Width

Novel laser architecture with integrated microring resonators

Giant Step Forward in Generating Optical Qubits

Generation of multi-photon entangled quantum states by means of integrated frequency combs