Metasurfaces Form Vortex Beams

Any input polarization of light can result in any orbital angular momentum output

Optical Chaos to Control the Momentum of Light

Chaotic scattering of light within a deformed structure transforms optical modes within a few picoseconds

Bridging the Terahertz Gap

Optical frequency comb offers a convenient way to generate elusive terahertz frequencies

A Zero-Index Waveguide

Silicon waveguides support phase-free propagation in the telecom regime

First Flat Lens for Immersion Microscope

Metalenses can be tailored for any immersion liquid

Sculpting Photonic Microstructures

New geometrical framework explains how previous precipitation patterns grew

Holograms in a Metasurface

This advancement could be used for anti-fraud protection and entertainment

Flat Lens Made of Nanopillars

First metalens to work across a continuous bandwidth allows new control of light

Tunable Windows for More Privacy

Method turns glass from clear to opaque with the flick of a switch

Perfect Colors, Captured with One Ultra-thin Lens

No need for color correction—Harvard physicists’ flat optics, using nanotechnology, gets it right the first time