Semicon Techniques Employed for New NASA Detector

AstroPix: creating devices the same way electronics companies produce cell phones, laptops

New Near-Infrared Detectors Accelerate Euclid Mission

Redesigned focal plane array helps to investigate dark energy and matter

NIR Laser Systems for ISS to Monitor Forest Dynamics

Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation mission passes final tests

Next-generation Photodetector Camera to be Deployed at ISS

Tests at space station of robotic tools and technologies for refueling and repairing satellites in orbit

An Ultraviolet Laser for the Red Planet

LZH delivers UV laser for ExoMars 2020 rover to NASA

Webb’s Laser-Focused Sight

James Webb Space Telescope will be able to perfect its own vision while in orbit

X-Ray for Space Communication

New technology to meet future navigational challenges in deep space

Photon Sieves for Better Telescopes

New-fangled telescope optic could increase optical resolution

NASA Takes Laser Communication a Step Forward

A new system provides high data-rate download and uplink speeds as well as highly precise distance and speed measurements.