PhotonicsViews 4/2020 August/September

PhotonicsViews 4/2020 – cover picture: The assembly of complex optical systems requires highest accuracy. Active alignment helps to reduce cycle times by two orders of magnitude. Learn more on:

Print Me a Rocket

Additively manufactured rocket engine features an aerospike nozzle for microlaunchers

Metal AM on the Verge of a Breakthrough

Alliance of six Fraunhofer institutes presents lighthouse project futureAM

International Award for Christoph Leyens

Dresden materials expert appointed adjunct professor by RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia

Economical Engines Due to Laser-Structured Surfaces

Joint research project “Prometheus” further develops surface technology for lower CO2 emissions

Lasers Pattern the Lotus Effect on Aircrafts

No more cleaning: Fraunhofer IWS, TU Dresden and Airbus produce water- and dirt-repellent nanostructures on aircraft surfaces

A New Generation of Lasers

“Advanced Photon Sources” user facility with two application laboratories will start in 2018

Laser Heating for Bonding Without Adhesives

HPCI process: fast direct joining of metal and thermoplastic materials

FutureAM – Next Generation Metal Additive Manufacturing

Cooperation platform strengthens German market position

High-Performance Laser-Coated Hydraulic Cylinder Rods

Optimized cladding process at Bosch Rexroth factory location