International Exchange on Laser Polishing

Review: 4th Conference on Laser Polishing – LaP 2020”, September 2020, online

Preview: LSE’21 – Virtual Laser Symposium Technology Trends for Electromobility

19 – 20 January 2021, online

Preview: Digital Aachen Polymer Optics Days

First session: 1 December 2020, online

Stifterverband Prize for Multibeam Laser Processing

Light split into up to 16 partial beams, controllable individually to produce functional surfaces

Powerful Infrared Laser Bars for Metal Processing

EKOLAS research project leads to novel laser bars with outstanding values in efficiency and performance

Preview: Conference on Laser Polishing – LaP 2020

16 – 17 September 2020, online

Robust Laser Technology for Climate Satellites

Merlin supposed to do lidar magic, measure atmospheric methane concentrations

Goodbye Absorbers

High-precision laser welding of plastics – project SeQuLas completed

Four Years, Three Robots, Eight Partners

BMBF-funded project “ProLMD”: hybrid additive production of large components with laser material deposition

PhotonicsViews 2/2020 April/May

Cover One of the two dominating options of pre-assembled Fast Axis Collimators (FACs) is FACs on bottom tabs. Bottom tabs provide advantages such as better thermal conductivity between the FAC and the mechanical holder as well as a more mechanically robust design. (Source: Fisba) PDF Editorial Imagine: Digitalization in photonic production Prof. Constantin Häfner Pages: […]