Optoplasmonic Sensor to Ensure Milk Quality

Unique integrated sensor architecture delivers results in five minutes

Modular OLED Light Strips

Fraunhofer FEP presented customized strips at the International Symposium on Automotive Lighting

Functional Thin-Film Structures for Integrated Radar Sensors

RadarGlass: Three partners are developing a technology for the integration of radar sensors in front headlamps

Blue OLED on Silicon Sensor Detects Phosphorescence

Applications ranging from oxygen detection gaseous environments to multi-parameter measurements in liquids

Better Micropatterning for OLEDs

New method might eliminate the use of color filters and shadow masks in the future

Coating Free-Form Surfaces of Large Optical Components

The optical functions of the multilayer systems can be adapted locally

More Economical Detectors for the NIR Region

New generation of OLED-on-silicon

High Conductive Foils Enabling Large Area Lighting

Fraunhofer FEP and Sefar developed a roll-to-roll processed large area flexible OLED

Wafer-Thin, Unbreakable and Flexible Ceramic and Glass

Five Fraunhofer institutes collaborate in research project CeGlaFlex

Flexible OLED Electrodes from Graphene

New high-tech material is ideal for touch screens, photovoltaic, wearables and much more