Securing the Technological Lead with Laser Innovations

Institutes from Berlin and Jena are developing the world’s first pulsed Joule-class MIR laser

Jenoptik Is Investing in Its Berlin Site

The company is responding to the growing demand for high-power laser diodes with technical modernization and higher levels of staffing

Heavy Rush and Interesting Insights Regarding Ultraviolet LEDs

Review: ICULTA 2018

Frequency-Stable Laser Systems for Space

Laser ranging experiment on sounding rocket flight as precursor for optical satellite navigation system

Insights from the Edge of Progress

Review: International Workshop on UV Technologies

Cost-Efficient Diode Lasers for Industrial Applications

Seven partners for various scientific issues

Photonik Zentrum Kai­sers­lau­tern Co­ordi­nates Res­earch Project on Ultra­fast Laser

Together with six partners, the PZKL is coordinating the “HiPoRep” project in which a new laser system will be developed and tested in specific applications

Examining Einstein – Precise Experiments Using Lasers in Space

Tests carried out in zero-gravity on board the FOKUS research rocket.

Demonstration of GaN-based near UV Laser Diodes

Realization of cw-operating LDs with emission wavelengths near 386 nm for spectroscopy, metrology, and lithography