World’s Fastest Soft X-Ray Camera

DSSC detector expands capabilities of the instrument for spectroscopy and coherent scattering

170 Projects to Develop Disruptive Solutions

ATTRACT: €17 million euros to tackle key societal challenges

Giant LEAPS for Photon Sources

European consortium of light sources used for research launched in Brussels

X-Ray Imaging With Higher Resolution

Incoherent diffractive imaging to image individual atoms in nanocrystals or molecules

Laser Metronome with Attosecond-Precision

A synchronous laser-microwave network for next-generation attosecond photon-science facilities

Fast Pump-Laser for the Hamburg XFEL

Additional laser system allows performing the projected atomic-scale measurements

Droplets Blown up by X-Ray Laser

First movies will give more control in X-ray laser experiments

World’s Brightest X-Ray Laser Reaches Milestone

European XFEL: all 35 segments of first light-generating system installed