An Ultraviolet Spectrograph to Fly to Jupiter

Scientists will use UVS to study the structure, composition of the atmospheres of Jupiter and its moons

MOMA Laser Ready for the Flight To Mars

ExoMars rover “Rosalind Franklin” passed tests at Airbus

FlyEyes for Planetary Defense

ESA’s first bug-eyed asteroid hunter being installed in Sicily

Preview: EPIC Meeting on New Space

12 – 13 September, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Second Node of the Space Data Highway Launched

High-precision laser provides near-real time data transmission in broadband quality

New Near-Infrared Detectors Accelerate Euclid Mission

Redesigned focal plane array helps to investigate dark energy and matter

Second Laser Boosts Aeolus Satellite’s Power

After the switch to its second laser transmitter, ESA’s wind satellite is back up and running

Space Conditions Are Tough

Metal 3D printing to produce lighter, cheaper, better products

Aladin’s Magic Laser Lamp

Aeolus satellite to map Earth’s wind in real-time with powerful lidar instrument

Hyperspectral Camera to Fly on ESA’s Next Cubesat

HyperScout instrument to be launched on 2 February aboard GomX-4B nanosatellite