NEO HySpex Launch SWIR-640 Camera

Universal hyperspectral camera with sharper optics and greater spectral fidelity per pixel

PULSATE to Boost Advanced and Additive Manufacturing

Establish and support the digital agora platform for laser-based, highly digitized environments

PhotonicsViews 4/2020 August/September

Browse the e-paper version of PhotonicsViews PhotonicsViews 4/2020, August / September (Source: Wiley-VCH) Don’t miss our announcements on LinkedIn, follow !   Cover Picture: PhotonicsViews 4/2020 The assembly of complex optical systems requires highest accuracy. Active alignment helps to reduce cycle times by two orders of magnitude. Learn more on: PDF Editorial Autonomous […]

EPIC’s New Innovation Manager

Antonio Raspa – illuminating the way to the engagement of the key photonics companies

AIPH and EPIC Sign MoU

Implementing agreements for horticultural producers

“A Celebration of Brilliant Leadership”

Hans van den Vlekkert Wins EPIC CEO Award 2020

Medical Tools Developed Quicker

Dedicated medical pilot production line gives easy access to prototyping

IUVA and EPIC Sign Memo­ran­dum of Un­der­stan­ding

Implementing agreements and standards for ultraviolet technologies

Upcoming EPIC Online Events

Second series of the exclusive technology events starting on 13 May, 2020.

Basil Garabet Joins EPIC Board of Directors

President & CEO of NKT Photonics appointed at the online Annual General Meeting on 16 April