Access Space Alliance and EPIC Collaborate

Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen the photonics and new space industries

Preview: PHOTONICS+ Virtual Exhibition and Conference

17 + 18 February 2021, online

Upcoming EPIC Online Events

New series of events starting 11 January 2021


Collaboration to strengthen the photonics and machine vision industries

Preview: Digital Aachen Polymer Optics Days

First session: 1 December 2020, online

New Pan-European Photonics Digital Innovation Hub

PhotonHub Europe has been awarded € 19 M EU Horizon 2020 investment

Call to Action: Day of Photonics

21 October 2020, worldwide

NEO HySpex Launch SWIR-640 Camera

Universal hyperspectral camera with sharper optics and greater spectral fidelity per pixel

PULSATE to Boost Advanced and Additive Manufacturing

Establish and support the digital agora platform for laser-based, highly digitized environments

PhotonicsViews 4/2020 August/September

PhotonicsViews 4/2020 – cover picture: The assembly of complex optical systems requires highest accuracy. Active alignment helps to reduce cycle times by two orders of magnitude. Learn more on: