Frequency Combs in a Photonic Molecule

A step towards the study of emergent nonlinear phenomena in soliton networks and multimodal lattices

Light-Carrying Chips Advance Machine Learning

First approach to apply frequency combs in the field of artificially neural networks

Fiber-Optic Sensors Transmit Data up to 100 Times Faster

With a new method, sensors can receive higher-energy signals and decode them faster

Li-Fi Allows for Ultrafast Underwater Communications

Hydromea has developed a miniature optical modem that can operate down to 6,000 meters below the ocean’s surface

Using Air to Amplify Light

A new technology to amplify light in the latest hollow-core optical fibers

Shaking Light with Sound

A new scheme for on-chip acousto-optic modulation

Multicolor Super-Resolution Imaging

New approach is based on the simultaneous acquisition of two spectral channels

On-Chip Frequency Combs for Microwaves

Microwave signals could be used in radars, satellite communications and future 5G wireless networks

Camera Captures 3D Images with Record Speed

Megapixel image sensor could bring significant improvements to augmented reality and LiDAR systems

Moiré Effect for Transparent Images

A new material combines transparent properties with the moiré effect to produce images