Lumentum Acquires Coherent

Bringing together highly complementary portfolios in a $5.7B cash and stock transaction

Jointly Supply Turnkey Automotive and Electrification Welding Solutions

Coherent and II‐VI supply agreement targeting automotive laser welding applications

Preview: Coherent Amplify

Inaugural event on December 10, 2020, online

PhotonicsViews 4/2020 August/September

PhotonicsViews 4/2020 – cover picture: The assembly of complex optical systems requires highest accuracy. Active alignment helps to reduce cycle times by two orders of magnitude. Learn more on:

New General Manager at Coherent Mainz

Markus Klein to lead the reorganization and the transformation of the site

“Center of Excellence for Fiber Lasers”

Coherent expands its fiber laser operation in Tampere, Finland

Coherent Appoints Andy Mattes as new CEO

Dr Mark Sobey new executive vice president and chief operating officer

PhotonicsViews 1/2020 February/March

Cover Picture: PhotonicsViews 1/2020 Fisba READYBeam – a simple, ultra-compact and powerful laser source. It dramatically reduces the footprint, development time and integration risk of multiple wave-length sources for Industrial and Diagnostic applications. (Source: Fisba) PDF Editorial Roaring Twenties: Solutions for sustainability, climate change, mobility, health care, safety, and digital infrastructure all rely heavily on […]

Coherent Celebrates 25 Years of Dilas

“Development, manufacturing and sales of high-power diode lasers” in Mainz, Germany

PhotonicsViews 6/2019 December / January 2020

Cover Picture: PhotonicsViews 6/2019 The redesigned Near-Infrared Spectrometer and Photometer (NISP) of the ESA space telesope Euclid, a mission to map the geometry of the Universe. (Source: Euclid Cons. / CPPM / LAM) PDF Editorial What Lies Ahead: Overview of the European photonics industry and the hot topics for 2020 Pages: 1 PDF Contents: PhotonicsViews […]