New Turbomolecular Pumps with Increased Pumping Speeds and Performance Enhancements

New larger variants “nEXT730” and “nEXT930” oft the proven “nEXT” turbomolecular pump range, featuring faster pumping speed performance and outstanding compression ratios for increased improved cycle times and low ultimate pressures. They are ideally suited to customers requiring increased performance, improved cycle times and reduced operational pressures.

Sensors Project for Wearables, Consumer Products Concluded

First light sensor with fully integrated optical stack including multiple filters, lenses and an aperture

New Fibers for Opto-Mechanical Sensors

Improved model shows Brillouin scattering interactions between light and sound waves in polyimide-coated fiber

Advanced Plasma Source for Advanced Surface Processing

Berliner Glas expands its coating capacity and expertise

New Space for the Coating Technology Division of Berliner Glas

Laying the foundations for further growth