Nanohighway for Light

Tiny low-energy optical switch rapidly reroutes light in computer chips

Microring Resonator with the Highest Quality Factor

The new high-quality photonic device is based on amorphous silicon carbide

Soliton Photonic Waves on a Silicon Chip

New approach opens the field for an entirely new paradigm for manipulating light on a chip

Isorg and Sumitomo Chemical Expand Collaboration

Partnership to develop organic photodetectors

VISION Award 2018 for High Resolution 3D Camera

Jury identifies huge market potential for Photoneo’s PhoXi

Miniaturized IR-Camera for Personal Healthcare

New module is small enough to be mounted on a smartphone

Highly Curved Image Sensor

New device collects more light and corrects aberrations in a much more efficient way

Hyperspectral Quantum Dot Sensor

Monolithic integration of a CMOS integrated circuit with graphene and PbS nanocrystals

Nanophotonic Optical Sensor

Two cascaded microring resonators allow a record-high sensing precision

Micro-Disk as Optomechanical Sensor

Trapping light and mechanical waves within a tiny bullseye enables sensitive motion detection