“A New Era in Large Area CMOS Imaging”

Teledyne Imaging’s new LACera technology promises new generation of scientific discovery

Computer Chip With Integrated LED

New approach could cut production costs and reduce the size of microelectronics for sensing and communication

Quantum Dot Emitter for Broadband IR

A new class of broadband solid state light emitters based on colloidal quantum dot thin film technology

Shaking Light with Sound

A new scheme for on-chip acousto-optic modulation

High-Efficiency Laser for Silicon Chips

New laser would be interes­ting for optical data transfer, night-vision systems and sensors.

It’s a Sony!

Sony presents concept car at CES featuring evolved imaging and sensing technologies

Nanohighway for Light

Tiny low-energy optical switch rapidly reroutes light in computer chips

Microring Resonator with the Highest Quality Factor

The new high-quality photonic device is based on amorphous silicon carbide

Soliton Photonic Waves on a Silicon Chip

New approach opens the field for an entirely new paradigm for manipulating light on a chip

Isorg and Sumitomo Chemical Expand Collaboration

Partnership to develop organic photodetectors