Synova Welcomes De Beers as Equity Investor

Synova S.A. today announced that the De Beers Group of Companies has acquired a 33.4 percent equity stake in Synova.

The new partnership underlines Synova’s commitment to the diamond industry. It will strengthen the company and provide solid ground for Synova’s other core business units (semiconductors and metal machining).

Synova is the owner and supplier of the patent protected water jet guided Laser MicroJet (LMJ) technology. Customers are benefitting from Synova’s unique expertise as an industrial micro-machining solutions provider; leveraging a knowledge base across multiple industries that have a common need for high precision and expanded hardware/software capabilities.

Synova will work with De Beers to develop a fully automated cutting and shaping solution, with LMJ at its core. The unique technology achieves higher yields, reduces the risk of breakage, and generates higher productivity due to faster cutting time and easier processing.

Dr. Bernold Richerzhagen, CEO of Synova S.A., said: “The new partnership with a major market player like De Beers will not only help ensure Synova’s long-term growth, it will also provide Synova with a unique opportunity to further improve market penetration of the LMJ technology in the diamond processing industry worldwide and to be close to the business.” (Source: Synova)

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