SVS-Vistek Presents New Building

SVS-Vistek is moving: In order to adapt the production capacities to the forecast customer requirements in the future and to be able to offer the growing number of employees a modern working environment, the company management decided to move to the conveniently located northern industrial area of ​​Gilching close to the A96 decided in 2021.

Company Campus (Source: SVS Vistek)

The groundbreaking for the two-story building with an area of ​​approximately 5,200 square meters has already taken place. An innovative temperature concept based on geothermal energy with concrete core activation and a solar system reflects the ecological orientation of the building.

The company will use around 2,600 square meters in the first step and ensure optimal work processes with the most modern equipment. Among other things, production areas with purified air and overpressure with lock systems are planned, which guarantee dust-protected production of the cameras according to the highest quality requirements. (Source: SVS-Vistek)

Link: SVS-Vistek GmbH, Seefeld, Germany

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