Süss MicroTec and Delo Collaborate on Imprint Lithography

Süss MicroTec and Delo now cooperate in the optimization of imprint manufacturing processes for the production of wafer-level optics (WLO). These optics are essential for emerging applications in the automotive and consumer electronics industries, among others. The combination of Süss’ imprint technology with Delo’s high-performance materials adds considerably to the capability of the Süss Imprint Excellence Center, offering its customers significant competitive advantages, for example in the terms of time-to-market.

The Süss Imprint Excellence Center supports a fully equipped facility with a state-of-the-art ISO6 cleanroom and a secure work and office area for customer use. (Source: Süss)

The use of imprint lithography has become indispensable in the field of data communications, autonomous driving, lighting, medical and consumer electronics. It is emerging as a key technology for many booming applications such as face recognition, light carpets and augmented reality. Due to rapid technological developments in these areas, the need for industrial level robust manufacturing solutions is growing.

The technological solutions arising from this cooperation will be accessible to customers via the Süss Imprint Excellence Center in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, a combined effort of Süss MicroTec and Süss MicroOptics. In addition to clean rooms and imprint equipment, the infrastructure in Neuchâtel provides access to an experienced workforce with extensive optics and process expertise and established supply chain relationships.

The alignment between the equipment and the materials used, such as the polymer adhesives for microimprinting, is a core component of the cooperation. To this end, Delo light-curing products are already integrated in the latest generation of Süss imprint systems, offering users a perfect match between the curing unit and the materials to be cured.

“The synergies between material and equipment manufacturers are of great importance in the further development of key technologies and their transfer to series production, especially in today’s world,” comments Franz Richter, CEO and chairman of the management board of Süss MicroTec. “In-depth knowledge of each other’s products and the ability to closely coordinate them form the basis of a fruitful partnership. Reliability and competence play an equally important role. We are looking forward to developing future-oriented imprint solutions and technologies together with a strong and experienced partner like Delo.”

“With their excellence center and its experienced partners for every aspect of wafer-level optics processes, Süss MicroTec has created a premium offering for manufacturers of consumer and automotive electronics. It will significantly reduce their learning curves and enable a faster entry into the market,” says Robert Saller, managing director of Delo. “As the interplay of imprint material, processing technology and curing equipment is pivotal for reducing costs and increasing output, we are excited to contribute our strong expertise in materials and processes for wafer-level optics.” (Source: Delo / Süss)

Links: Optoelectronics applications, DELO Industrie Klebstoffe GmbH & Co. KGaA, Windach, GermanySUSS MicroTec SE, Garching, Germany


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