Smart Vision Lights Partners with Gardasoft to Provide Triniti-enabled LED Lighting Worldwide

Smart Vision Lights from Muskegon, Michigan, designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, including machine vision, announced its partnership with Gardasoft Vision of Cambridge, United Kingdom, to provide LED lighting solutions enabled with Gardasoft’s system-enabling Triniti technology worldwide. Triniti technology provides expert control, operational intelligence, and full integration of machine vision lighting within a plug-and-play environment.

With Triniti technology, machine vision systems with LED lighting are now much easier to create, configure, and commission while simultaneously increasing functionality. Smart Vision Lights will be offering Triniti-enabled LED lights that will integrate seamlessly into machine vision networks and connect directly to the Triniti controller. With Triniti technology built into Smart Vision Lights’ products, users will benefit from having expert control techniques for their lighting systems readily available with an ease of use typically associated with plug-and-play products.

Initial Smart Vision Lights products that are utilizing the Triniti technology include  certain series of brick spot lights, linear lights and ring lights. (Source: SVL)

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