Self-aligning Raman Imaging Microscope

New generation of the confocal Raman microscope “alpha300 apyron” that can – thanks to the newly developed “AutoBeam” technology – self-align and self-calibrate. This substantially reduces the researcher’s experimental workload by requiring less user input, enhancing reproducibility and eliminating potential sources of error.

Software-driven automation allows the microscope to be operated completely remotely, whether in an environmental enclosure such as a glove box, or from another location. This is made possible by a complete set of “AutoBeam” opto-mechanical components, a new and versatile tool kit that can be configured individually. New functionalities include polarization-dependent measurements with motorized polarizer and analyzer rotation, push-button spectrometer connection and signal maximization, and automated adjustment of both iris diaphragms.

Available with a wide variety of excitation wavelengths from the ultraviolet through the visible into the near infrared, the microscopes can be equipped with up to three ultra-high throughput “UHTS” spectrometers and their accompanying range of detectors. Raman imaging and correlative measurements are defined, executed, saved and evaluated with “Suite FIVE” software and intuitive “EasyLink” handheld controller.

The user-friendliness makes advanced confocal Raman imaging accessible to researchers of all experience levels and fields of application. Scientists working in materials science, environmental science and microparticle analysis, life science, food science, geology, pharmaceutics and many other fields will benefit from automated alignment routines that provide consistently optimized performance. The alpha300 apyron accelerates both the experimental setup and subsequent measurement workflow.

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