Scintil Raises € 4 M in First-Round Funding

Scintil Photonics, a developer of silicon photonic fully integrated circuits including laser integration, today announces it has raised four million euros ($4.4M) in a first-round funding. Supernova Invest, Innovacom and Bpifrance are lead investors on the round. They were joined by Credit Agricole Alpes Développement and endowment Fund Foreis.

Scintil Photonics’ CEO & CTO Sylvie Menezo (Source: Scintil Photonics /

The proceeds will be used to develop prototype 800-Gbit/sec transceiver photonic circuits in commercial semiconductor foundries in order to sample strategic customers in the data center market. The team and development partnerships, including those with CEA-Leti in France and the University of Toronto in Canada, will be strengthened.

The success of this first tranche of funding reflects investor interest and confidence in the technology and the company, founded less than a year ago. Prior to its establishment, in November 2018, by CEO Sylvie Menezo, previously with CEA-Leti, and chairman Pascal Langlois, former CEO of Tronics Microsystems, the start-up project, incubated at CEA-Leti, received initial start-up funding as a winner of i-Lab 2018, a French government-sponsored innovation competition hosted by Bpifrance.

“We are very pleased to have the support of leading French investors to further develop to an industrial level our innovative silicon photonic integrated circuits,” said Menezo. “Integrating lasers onto silicon photonic circuits, mass produced in commercial silicon photonics foundries using standard manufacturing processes, is a key technology asset of ours. This will open up many opportunities, not only in optical communications, but also in computing and sensing applications, such as lidar. We look forward to engaging with prospective customers and demonstrating the functionality and performance enhancements that we can bring. With this first funding round, Scintil will be able to have its demonstrator and prototype circuits manufactured in commercial foundries, which will greatly accelerate our time to market.”

Drawing upon over 15 years of research on lasers, silicon photonics and 3D packaging conducted at CEA-Leti, Scintil’s technology enables higher speed optical communication through the integration of multiwavelength lasers with silicon photonics standard technology. It also reduces implementation costs by avoiding several packaging steps. Besides developing solutions for high-speed data transmission, Scintil Photonics also targets sensing applications such as lidar, an enabling technology for autonomous detection and mobility. (Source: ALA / Scintil Photonics)

Link: SCINTIL Photonics, Grenoble, France

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