Salvo Technologies Acquires Spectrecology

The holding company Salvo Technologies has acquired Spectrecology of St Petersburg, Florida, a distributor of spectrometers, imaging and sensing products. Spectrecology owner Mike Morris was the founder of Ocean Optics, where he developed the world’s first miniature fiber optic spectrometer. Today, the company offers a robust inventory of products, custom-built solutions and a revolutionary new rental system to provide its clients with cost-efficient, high performance sensing for all industries and applications.

Salvo Technologies acquires Spectrecology (Source: Salvo Technologies)

The acquisition bolsters Salvo Technologies’ manufacturing base, adding complementary solutions for the educational and environmental markets, while allowing Salvo Technologies to better serve its existing customer base.

“This acquisition is exciting for many reasons,” said Hugh Garvey, director of imaging and sensing at Salvo Technologies. “Spectrecology has a unique platform and deep customer knowledge base. Mike Morris and his team have been in the spectroscopy field for decades. He invented the miniature spectrometer when he started Ocean Optics. To have someone on the team like that is super exciting to me. By leveraging his years of experience and his network of customers, Salvo is taking a gigantic leap forward in the space!”

“It’s exciting to be connected with an aggressive, dynamic group like the Salvo Technologies team,” said Mike Morris, owner of Spectrecology. “The energy and excitement surrounding the team, along with its extremely fast growth trajectory, are reminiscent of Ocean Optics in the early years. In addition, having access to the company’s deep bench of photonics experts allows me to do what I love, which is to create exciting products that solve real-world problems.”

The acquisition is official as of today. Salvo Technologies will continue to notify customers and suppliers of the news. There will be no change in service or supply in the near term. The company will look at consolidating operations to increase efficiency in the future. (Source: Salvo Technologies)

Links: Spectrecology, LLC, St Petersburg, FL, USASalvo Technologies Inc., Seminole, FL, USA

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