Rofin Celebrates 40th Anniversary at Laser Fair

Laser glass cutting process SmartCleaveTM FI  (Source: Rofin)

Laser glass cutting process SmartCleaveTM FI
(Source: Rofin)

Rofin is representative of the history and diversity of industrial laser material processing to a greater extent than practically any other company. For forty years, Rofin has consistently developed new fields of applications with its innovative laser and process technologies, and is today one of the market leaders for state-of-the-art laser technology in the industrial material processing sector. The company celebrates its anniversary at this year’s Laser World of Photonics with new releases across the entire breadth of its extensive product portfolio. Under the motto “40 Years of Successful Partnerships”, innovations in multi-kilowatt fiber and diode lasers, ultrashort pulse laser sources, UV marking lasers and 3D marking solutions, will be on show at the laser specialist’s 400 square meter booth.
Recent decades have been marked by steady developments in laser material processing, as well as in the requirements that have to be met by laser sources. With the development of its diffusion-cooled CO2 Slab laser, Rofin has played a major role in shaping the success story of industrial laser cutting. Today, the company is the only vendor of CO2, fiber lasers and diode lasers all in the multi-kilowatt range. From its third generation of high-power fiber lasers, Rofin will be debuting the 8 kW model at the Laser 2015. This laser ideally covers the increasingly demanding market requirements for industrial welding and cutting. With its new fiber-coupled diode laser with 6 kW output power, Rofin has once again systematically expanded its product range, and is now able to offer an ideal laser source capable of coping with all the industrial challenges associated with hardening, soldering or cladding. (Source: Rofin)
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