Rockley Photonics Targets Healthcare Market

Rockley Photonics, an integrated optics solutions provider with offices in Pasadena, San Jose, Oxford, Cardiff, Cork, and Helsinki, appointed Vafa Jamali as chief commercial officer.

Mr Jamali has extensive medical device knowledge across several specialties and patient conditions. (Source: Rockley Photonics)

Mr Jamali will be responsible for the company’s commercial strategy, driving business growth and market share. With over 25 years of experience in the medical device industry, most recently at Medtronic, he has extensive medical device knowledge across several specialties and patient conditions.

“We’re excited to welcome Vafa to Rockley,” said Andrew Rickman, chief executive officer, Rockley Photonics. “Our optical sensing chipsets, with their unique analytical capabilities, bring benchtop testing capabilities to healthcare and wellbeing markets within handheld and wearable devices. Vafa’s extensive experience in the medical devices field will help to position Rockley for growth in this multibillion-dollar, high-volume market.”

Rockley developed its innovative photonics platform to facilitate cost-effective volume manufacture of highly integrated optical/electronic devices. The platform enables both multiple healthcare and wellness applications in consumer sensors and applications in data communications and machine vision.

“Personalized monitoring of multiple biophysical and biochemical biomarkers will revolutionize the way we look after our health and wellbeing,” said Vafa Jamali. “Rockley’s technology is transformative, and I am looking forward to working with the team to accelerate the company’s growth.”

Rockley Photonics was recently recognized as one of the top 10 British tech companies to watch by The Sunday Times. (Source: Rockley Photonics)

Link: Photonics Applied – Driving multiple high-growth applications, Rockley Photonics Limited, Altrincham, Cheshire, United Kingdom


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