Rockley Photonics Appoints Andy Parker to the Board

Integrated optics solutions provider Rockley Photonics announced the appointment of Prof. Andy Parker, founding science partner of Ahren Innovation Capital and head of University of Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory, to its board of directors. This follows the announcement of Ahren’s recent investment in Rockley Photonics.

Andy Parker, founding science partner of Ahren Innovation Capital and head of the University of Cambridge’s physics department (Source: Rockley Photonics)

Ahren is an investment fund that focuses on transformational companies at the intersection of deep tech and deep science. Its four broad fields of activity include the brain and artificial intelligence; genetics and platform technologies; space and robotics; and efficient energy. The partnership of investment talent and commercial scientists have created technologies that today have a combined value in excess of a hundred billion dollars.

“Rockley Photonics is emerging as a transformational business with technology that has the potential to profoundly impact a number of markets,” said Andy Parker. “Rockley’s bespoke fabrication process is ideally suited to high-volume production of low-cost sensors. Its platform is highly versatile, and I am looking forward to working with the team to further develop this technology in a range of sectors including data center connectivity, autonomous vehicles and medical sensing.”

Andy brings an unparalleled understanding of deep technology from his position as a founding science partner of Ahren Innovation Capital, and roles as head of the Cavendish Laboratory and professor of high energy physics at the University of Cambridge. He is a founder of the Atlas experiment for the Large Hadron Collider and has commercially developed silicon detectors, fast electronics, large software systems, and pattern recognition, and he has pioneered computational radiotherapy and artificial photosynthesis.

“His work in developing silicon detectors, fast electronics and computational radiotherapy fully complements the board’s existing expertise,” said Andrew Rickman, chief executive at Rockley Photonics. “Andy’s insight will be invaluable as we drive forward applications of Rockley’s technology in multiple markets including high-density communications; machine vision; environmental sensing and healthcare.” (Source: Rockley Photonics)

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