Process-Safe Laser Welding of PPS

DIC and Evosys Laser have combined their experience in materials, laser technology and optics to make PPS laser welding a reliable process. First customer projects with real components are already in the final tests.

Material samples are welded together in a so-called T-joint; in a test procedure created at DIC, the pull-off forces are determined and compared with other material variants. (Source: Evosys)

Laser welding has long since established itself as a joining process for polymers. The adaptation of thermoplastic materials to this process and advances in laser sources and optics make the use of the joining process more economical; the advantages: small heat-affected zone, low mechanical stress on the joining partners, broad flexibility in the weld seam geometry and high process reliability.

The process window using conventional laser welding for PPS plastic components is very small due to the semicrystalline structure of the PPS compounds. However, the process window for the welding of PPS materials is significantly enlarged by optimized energy distribution in the so-called Next Generation Optics designed by Evosys. The uniform heat management in the PPS components considerably reduces temperature spots and the burning of the material, so that the output and quality of welded PPS assemblies is maximized.

Micrograph: The joining zone shows a good material mixing of the joining partners in the welding area. (Source: Evosys)

This behaviour could be tested and proven both with material samples from DIC and with real plastic assemblies in two customer projects. The process monitoring methods used at Evosys ensure a stable process; the welded assemblies not only have the required tightness but also the required strength and fatigue strength.

DIC is one of Japan’s most diversified chemical companies and the core of the DIC Group that supplies wide range of products to industrial users around the world, especially printing inks, organic pigments and synthetic resins. DIC Europe currently exhibits at the K trade fair in Duesseldorf, Germany, Hall 8a, Booth E13. (Source: Evosys)

Links: Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), DIC Corporation (DIC), Chūō, Tokyo, JapanEvosys Laser GmbH, Erlangen, Germany

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