Preview: Photonics West 2019 – See the Future

New technologies that enable advancements in global healthcare, security, manufacturing, transportation, and more are at the core of SPIE Photonics West. On a continuing growth trend, total attendance at Photonics West 2019 is expected to top 23,000. Attendees will have access to two world-class exhibitions, 35 industry events, 75 courses, 40 focused technical and networking events, 20 plenary sessions, and 5,300 papers in over 100 conferences on biomedical optics, optoelectronics, industrial lasers, nanophotonics, and more.

Photonics West 2019 – see the future at the world’s premier event for optics and photonics (Source: SPIE)

BiOS 2019, the largest symposium under the Photonics West umbrella, includes 2,300 technical presentations on photonic therapeutics and diagnostics, nano / biophotonics, clinical technologies, tissue optics, biomedical spectroscopy, microscopy, and imaging. Held Saturday and Sunday, BiOS Expo is the place to find the latest technologies from more than 200 companies in the thriving biomedical optics and photonics industries.

OPTO 2019 addresses the latest developments in a broad range of optoelectronic technologies and their integration into a variety of commercial applications.

LASE 2019 showcases the latest fundamental and applied research on new laser sources and applications. Topics include basic laser device and materials research, semiconductor lasers and LEDs, device and system engineering for emerging nanotechnologies, microelectronic, photonic, and industrial laser manufacturing, 3D printing, and free-space communications.
Applications of 3D Printing will highlight papers from BiOS, LASE, and OPTO that showcase innovative ways to apply this technology.

Photonics West Application Tracks highlight papers from all these programs that have applications in featured areas. SPIE Brain 2019 highlights papers from BiOS, LASE, and OPTO that describe the development of innovative technologies that will increase our understanding of brain function, diagnosis, and treatment. Translational Research 2019 highlights papers from BiOS that highlight the latest photonics technologies, tools, and techniques with high potential to impact global healthcare. Applications of 3D Printing will highlight papers from BiOS, LASE, and OPTO that showcase innovative ways to apply this multidimensional / multidisciplinary technology.

The Photonics West Exhibition, 5 – 7 February, is the most important exhibition in the industry, with more than 1,300 companies from around the globe. International attendees come to make connections, meet suppliers, and find solutions; more new products are premiered at Photonics West than at any other show. With more than 5,300 presentations and events and six days to network and collaborate, San Francisco is the place to be in February 2019. (Source: SPIE)

Link: SPIE Photonics West San Francisco, USA

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