Preview: Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry CHII 2020

The Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry will take place in Graz, Austria, postponed from May to 28 – 29 October, 2020. Internationally leading experts and users from all over the world will meet there for the fourth time to discuss the further developments and innovative application of hyperspectral image processing.

(Source: Perception Park / Spectronet)

After the very successful CHII 2018 event, hyper­spectral imaging pioneers Perception Park, Spectronet, the Styrian Business Promo­tion Agency and the Enter­prise Europe Network are now organizing this tech­nology confe­rence for the fourth time: leading inter­national experts and compa­nies will be attending the confe­rence to discuss the latest developments in this innovative tech­nology.

The capabilities and the application opportunities of hyper­spectral systems will be given more relevance than at previous events. CHII 2020 is organized to show hyper­spectral imaging system developers the exciting opportu­nities of this technology and to convey ideas and expe­riences for their economic use. Important components of the confe­rence are therefore numerous short presen­tations of successful applications as well as detailed presen­tations by leading tech­nology providers. Those presentations will provide insight for interested visitors into the current state of the art as well as into future options for appli­cations.

Accompanying the conference section, leading technology suppliers from around the world will exhibit their latest hyper­spectral imaging develop­ments and products. This second pillar of the event provides attendees with an ideal insight into existing components and solutions and offers plenty of room for discus­sion with experts from the respective manu­facturers. (Source: Perception Park / Spectronet)

Link: chii 2020 – Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry, c/o Perception Park GmbH, Graz, Austria


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